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Soma Group 1.5MW rice husk gasifier power plant

Project summary

Chankrisna Kith

Jan 13, 2014, 11:04 AM

to Tony, russell, TOUCH, remy, me, chea, Tim, Bunvirak


Dear Gentlemen,


First of all thank you for coming to today's meeting at the new site. Below is the items that we discussed:


1. Dara will send all the civil drawing and area map to Tony and Russel and Tony to send it to Ankur to check/verify. Dara to work directly with Russel if possible.


2. Tony to consult with Ankur and send to SOMA Energy what are the designs that Ankur can provide us including M&E and piping etc. Please provide by Wed.


3. Tony to email to Simon for rice husk ache solution for industrial and agriculture application


4. Alex to send the requirements to be answered by Soma and Tony. Based on the requirement Alex can study and propose solutions. Alex also defines the scope of his works and recommended budgets. Krisna from SOMA Energy will making schedule to Thailand to have site visit to Thailand.


5. Finalize the sizing of the storage area.


6. Tony offers to Soma to send operator to learn in Sakeo biomass site. Soma will the list to Tony later.


7. Tony will send me the extra items and timeline to procurement.


If I miss anything please add.

alex chou

Jan 31, 2014, 11:56 AM

to Tim, Patrick, Kith, Chea, TOUCH, Bunvirak, Kraisak, Russell, Doremy, Tony, Aungkana, Sean


Dear all:


Happy lunar new year.


I have to reiterate some points I had made to Chankrisna regarding a potential visit to Thailand.


1. I can't tell you it's ok to visit Thailand because while I, our staff, family and friends are all safe, there is ongoing and likely prolonged protests despite a general election this Sunday.


2. We could potentially have you visit Thu-Fri 6-7 Feb. We would need 1 full day to transport you to/from and show you some husk related sites.


3. I could recommend 2 hotels (in Bangna, out of city center to East, closer to BKK airport, near Riceland office) and 1 in the Eastern edge of city next to a Skytrain BTS station (would allow some distance away from protest area whilst still afford freedom to use public transportation):








Please let us know your itinerary. Thanks.

GE Engines to power Cambodian rice husk power project

By Anna Simet | July 17, 2012

GE and the Soma Group signed a gas engine supply contract during a U.S.-ASEAN Business Council and U.S. Chamber of Commerce-sponsored forum in Siem Reap, Cambodia.


GE Energy has signed a contract with Cambodian industrial conglomerate Soma Group to supply two of its engines to power a biomass gasification facility.


India-based Ankur Scientific Energy Technologies Pvt. Ltd is developing the facility for Soma, where rice husks will be converted into biogas to power two GE VHP 5904 Waukesha engines.  About 1.5 MW of electricity will be generated in total; part of the power will support the rice mill’s operations while surplus electricity will be sold to the local grid.

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